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  • Guzzler Classic
  • Guzzler Custom
  • Guzzler Compact Mini-Vac Trailer
  • Guzzler CL with Auxiliary Engine
  • Guzzler ACE® Hi-Rail
  • Guzzler Oil Recovery System
  • Guzzler Custom Skid Vacuum System
  • Guzzler Small Trailer
  • Guzzcavator Tandem Trailer

Custom Trucks From FS Solutions

The Federal Signal Environmental Solutions Group can combine our leading brand technologies with inventive, nimble engineering and manufacturing capabilities to offer Custom Solutions to customers who need a truly unique solution.

Below are just a few examples of the creative solutions we have
provided customers around the world. To learn more contact your
Sales Representative for more information.

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Guzzler Oil Recovery System

For rapid vacuum and recovery
of oil accumulations.

Guzzler Custom

Built for legal hauling
capacity for heavy mud.

Guzzler CL with Aux Engine

Designed for fully contained skid unit.

Guzzler ACE® Hi-Rail

Built per customer specifications.

Guzzler Compact Trailer

Guzzler with legal hauling capability.

Guzzler Small Trailer

Self-contained unit designed to reach
tight places and be pulled by a flat bed truck
to vacuum light dry material. Features bag
house filtration.

Guzzler Classic

Body length is extended two feet to
accomodate a larger debris body.
Maximum overhead clearance is
provided by redesigning the
sub-frame and fender system.

Guzzler Custom Skid Vacuum Trailer

Self-contained skid mounted vacuum system for use
with multiple vacuum boxes and separators. The
custom 4500 CFM mobile skid can be moved by
fork lift of hauled on a flat bed truck.

Guzzler Guzzcavator® Trailer


The Heavy Hauler Guzzler

Enhanced weight distribution and a
sophisticated onboard scale system.