Guzzler Classic Industrial Vacuum Truck

Classic Vacuum Truck
That Keeps Evolving

Guzzler Classic (CL)

The Guzzler Classic has continually set the standard for power, performance, versatility, reliability and operating and maintenance ease. But, setting the standard isn’t enough: Guzzler continues to raise it. We’ve enhanced the Guzzler CL to offer you even more – more performance, more versatility, more accessibility. All so you can do more in less time at less cost. The Guzzler Classic comes standard with an 18 cubic yard capacity. Custom solutions, including tank sizes ranging from 12 cubic yards to 21 cubic yards, are available upon request.

Consider all the Classic offers you:



The Guzzler Classic is a workhorse industrial vacuum truck designed to clean up and recover a full spectrum of materials from solids and dry bulk powders to liquids, slurries and thick sludge. Its many applications include:

  • Aluminum plants
  • Bridge painting
  • Cement plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Coal plants
  • Foundries
  • Frac tank cleaning
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Grain elevators
  • Hydro excavation
  • Lime plants
  • Macrotrenching
  • Material processing plants
  • Metal mining
  • Microtrenching
  • Natural disaster cleanup
  • Oil and gas field service
  • Phosphate plants
  • Power plants
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Railroads
  • Shipyards and docks
  • Steel mills
  • Tank cleaning
  • Waste-to-energy plants

Guzzler Classic CL High-Dump Patented Solution