Systems Designed Around Your Specific Needs

Offloading Solutions

Every job is unique and different applications require different solutions. Because no single offloading system is right for every situation, Guzzler offers more application-specific offloading systems than any other manufacturer. With new regulations making dumping more challenging, Guzzler produces offloading systems that are efficient, reliable, and tailored to your unique needs.

Continuous Systems

Guzzler vacuum trucks feature innovative continuous systems that enable simultaneous vacuuming and offloading, effectively slashing the downtime associated with unloading vacuumed materials and ensuring tasks are completed efficiently. Guzzler provides two reliable systems:


XCR Swing-Out Loading Cyclone
The patented XCR is the only system that delivers simultaneous vacuuming and offloading capability, assuring no wasted time on trips to a dumpsite. Offering true continuous production capability, the XCR is available on the Guzzler Classic and is ideal for catalyst recovery applications.

Sludge Pump

Sludge Pump Offloading System
Designed specifically for liquid and semi-liquid material, the Guzzler Sludge Pump offers unsurpassed pumping power and versatility. It’s ideal for pumping large volumes of water, mud, sewage, silt and other solid laden liquids. It’s available for the Guzzler Classic truck.

Batch Systems

When it comes to materials that need to be vacuumed first and offloaded later, our Batch Systems offer proven power and performance. They’re ideal when the flow of material needs to be regulated or must travel a long distance to be offloaded.

Pressure Offload Systems
Guzzler offers two Pressure offloading Systems – a Dense Phase Offloading System and a Vane Pressure Offloading System available for the Guzzler Classic.

Dense Phase Offloading System

The Dense Phase Offloading System is an advanced offloading and recovery tool combining applied pressure with high airflow for true dense phase conveyance of dry material up to 120 feet vertically. Material can easily be blown back into storage silos, railcars or other containers and is ideal for cement or bulk powder applications.

Vane Pressure Offloading System

The Vane Pressure Offloading System utilizes a Rotary Vane Pump to pressurize the debris body at a maximum of 14.5 psi to offload material. It’s designed to handle all types of liquid wastes and slurries, making it ideal for the Oil and Gas, Industrial Waste, Grease and Septic markets.

Hi-Dump Into Roll-Off Containers
For greater convenience and efficiency, our Hi-Dump system lets operators dump debris directly into roll-off boxes up to five feet high. Beyond the extra clearance, this option features an electronic control system that sequences the process for overall stability and safety. The Hi-Dump system is available on the Guzzler Classic.