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Used Vacuum Trucks
Refurbished And Rebuilt

Economical Options In A Variety of Make and Models

When searching for cost-effective options in a range of makes and models, FS Solutions Center has got you covered. Offering reliable used equipment that promises quality, durability, and value, this trusted source is the go-to for industrial cleaning contractors. Boasting unparalleled expertise and an impressive array of product lines and trusted brands, FS Solutions also provides complimentary appraisals for trade values, refinancing, repair, and wreck estimates.

You Can Trust The Quality Of Our Equipment

To assure that the used equipment you invest in performs up to Guzzler standards, factory-trained technicians at FS Solutions Centers offer:

  • High-performance parts for most makes and models of industrial vacuum loaders
  • Accessories to meet a variety of industrial cleaning operations
  • Repairing and rebuilding of equipment, pumps, blowers and more
  • Large selection of used and refurbished vacuum trucks
  • Blower repair on most makes and models from the top manufacturers
  • Full line of job skills, management and safety training
  • Convenient nationwide locations
Premium Used Trucks At Less Than Premium Prices

When your budget can’t handle a new truck, FS Solutions can provide you with quality used equipment in a wide range of makes and models, including:

  • Class A machines, fully restored and offered with a six-month warranty
  • Class B machines, put through a 100-point check
  • Class C machines, with functional working components and ideal for those on a tighter budget
Don’t Want To Replace?
Let Us Repair, Recycle and Refurbish Your Vac Truck

Whatever the complexity of repair, FS Solutions has the experience and skilled craftsmen to work on all makes and models of vacuum trucks. FS Solutions can work with you to:

  • Repair or refurbish damaged components
  • Recycle salvageable parts
  • Revitalize a truck with a new paint job
  • Run preventive or responsive diagnostics to determine what must be done to get your old equipment working like new